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Range of Motion and Comfort

While most pants and garments are cut to standard patterns, techwear challenges convention by designing patterns with the movement of the human body in mind. Anatomical design takes these factors in mind and a common construction method to achieve this is by using articulated joints, usually through darting at the knee or inner elbow. These allow the wearer to move freely without the fabric fraying or pulling at key points. Acronym has gone to the extent of showing martial arts movements performed in its garments in some of the its product videos.

Of course another aspect of comfort beyond movement is breathability. In techwear terms this means letting sweat and heat escape so the wearer doesn't feel clammy in the garments. It isn't enough for a jacket to keep the wearer dry on the outside, it should allow the wearer to stay at a comfortable temperature while wearing it.

Carrying Capacity

Now that we often carry multiple devices and their respective chargers with us, techwear items are often well-considered with the storage they supply. Whether through simple designs such as zippered pockets, or more elaborate solutions such as removable modular attachments. The combination of the waterproof fabrics and well-designed carrying capacity mean that you can carry more and worry less. Bags and backpacks often benefit from useful details such as laptop sleeves and inner pockets/compartments.

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