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20 Mar 14:09

Mid-layers generally serve the function of keeping the wearer warm underneath a shell

Mid-Layers Mid-layers generally serve the function of keeping the wearer warm underneath a shell. These can take many different forms from down vests to hoodies to insulating shirts and fleeces. Some pieces will have removable mid-layers and liners that can be swapped in and out of shells, usually through some type of zipper or buttoning system. Base Layer Base layers are all about moisture wicking. They are intended to be right against your skin and keep you dry. You are probably familiar with these layers from their athletic wear equivalents—Nike DriFit and adidas Climacool come to mind. Pants While techwear pants haven't...

20 Mar 14:07

Within techwear, there are key categories of items that every brand will produce

Softshells have a DWR (durable waterproof coating) that repels light precipitation—like snow or drizzle—and for winter sports

20 Mar 14:05

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The combination of the waterproof fabrics and well-designed carrying capacity mean that you can carry more and worry less. Bags and backpacks often benefit from useful details such as laptop sleeves and inner pockets/compartments.

20 Mar 12:15

Regardless of category, a typical techwear jacket is matte black

Born out of the unlikely crossover between fashion and the outdoors industry, urban techwear (or “techwear”, for short) is an emerging style that blends form with a relentless focus on function. While athleisure often straddles the line between aesthetics and utility, techwear chooses to ignore the line altogether: in our technology-enabled future, why couldn’t someone have both? Most contemporary fashion is content to riff on the past. Instead, techwear forgoes the familiar in favor of function. Bright, nylon anoraks become shine-resistant jet black shells. Standard cotton trousers become high-stretch Ripstop cargos. Even workboots get an upgrade: from bulky leather to ultralight Flyknit “shield,” a complete techwear...

19 Mar 16:52


Conventional wisdom says that in fashion, a buyer chooses two of the following: form, function, and value. Considering techwear’s uncompromising embrace the first two, its hefty price tag should come as no surprise

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